• No matter what you are, No matter what you do, Nothing in life is more important, than you. You are Important!

  • Doing difficult is our daily job.
    Doing the impossible may take a little longer!

  • Let us think beyond what exists today. Let us break the boundaries and find a new way!

  • “Udyaan tey purusham navyaanam” – Vedas

  • Think and you will get an idea of how to do it, Do and you will soon come to know that it was never impossible!

  • Moments from Unwind…

  • Unwind is all about un-scripting ourselves…

Let the music play

musicplayYesterday while playing on my music system I discovered a whole new way of looking at life. While I was shuffling the equalizer button to adjust the volume effects I got an insight that’s very much meaningful and connected with our lives. And the insight was our lives can be compared to the graphic equalizers and the music system in many ways. Here is how:

  • The music system will not run unless there is electricity input into the system. Likewise we are just mass of fat and cells and we will not be playing unless the atman is live and current. When I say this I not only mean that we should be breathing to be alive, it also means that we should also be alive in the real sense of the term. That means we are aware of what’s happening to us at the physical, emotional and the spiritual levels. Many people are so engrossed in the daily chores of life that they hardly get time to think about their lives. In this process the charm and fun of life goes away. So re-energize your self and let the music play.
  • The music played from the system will depend upon the format used. Sometime you might play the CD, other times you might play the cassette. CD cannot play cassette and cassette cannot play CD. Likewise what happens in out lives depends upon what format we are allowing to play in our lives. Cassette was an in thing at the time it was introduced but today not many people listen to them. This tells us the importance and benefit of change in life. So if you want to enjoy the CD music you must have the capability to play it in your music system. Likewise we need to change and adapt ourselves to the changes that happen in outlives to let enjoy the fun of life.
  • What you hear in the music system depends upon what you play. This holds true for our lives as well. A de-motivated and depressed individual will play possible songs of despair and hatred while a positive and happier person will play songs full of energy and vitality. So be aware of the music you play and change the cassette/CD accordingly. Negative songs drain you of energy and condition your mind towards the worst. So be selective of what you play.
  • The fine-tuning of the music will depend upon how you have adjusted the equalizer. Same song with different equalizer settings will be heard differently. Tuning the equalizers is important in getting the best impact of the music. Likewise our lives will have different instance when some instruments will play loud and sound abrasive while some soothe sounding instruments will be conditioned to the lower levels. As an observing listener you should tune your life by lowering the depressing tones and raising the energetic tones. You can even mute the depressing tones from your life, but remember they will continue to play no matter what. You can however choose to not to listen to them.
  • Also the graphic equalizer is like the highs and lows in our lives. If you set all of the equalizers to high level you will find the sound becoming monotonous without any differentiation in the types of instruments being played. Thus setting different levels of equalizers for different things in life is important to enjoy the music of life. Highs will no longer be enjoyable, if there are no lows. Have you heard the sound of base guitar? It is so low sound, but when blended with the right lyrics and music it gives wonderful experience. It is neither possible nor advisable to remove the low sounding tones from our lives. But we can be careful in assigning them the level at which they should play…
  • So keep enjoying and let the music play!

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