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A Day With Your Destiny

“Hold fast to your dreams
For if dreams die
Life is like a broken winged bird
That cannot fly

Hold Fast to your dreams
For if dreams go
Life is like a barren island
Frozen with snow”

I have reproduced these lines from one of the various books written on Jamshed Ji Tata. Much more inspiring literature is available in the market on dreams, destiny, goal, mission of life etc. Here when I say the word dream I do not mean wish. Dreams and wishes are different. Wish is nothing but a weak desire. Dream is a goal, a vision, a mission that demands passion and commitment.

Go to any book shop ad you will find market flooded with number of titles on motivation like You Can Win, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will etc to name a few. All of these titles claim for achievement, for accomplishment, for success that a person can achieve is he she follows the guidelines mentioned in such books. Though I do not question the importance of these books nor do I say them to be misguiding, but how far (if any) are they able to provide the much needed success.

I named this topic “A day with your destiny” because the answerto success is not in any of these books or all of them put together. The answer for success lies in understanding our true or real goal in life. Most of us are not sure what we want from life. We work hard; we leave no stone unturned only to realize that this is not something we were looking for. Most of us are in jobs in which we would not have been had life given us a better option. So how can we expect to get success if we are not even sure of what it means to us?

When I say “A day with your destiny” I mean to say that whenever you have some dream or desire in your mind which you would like to be, try to live with it for a day or two so that you can be very sure of whether you even want to achieve it or is it just another temporary escape that the mind is looking at. A day or two with your destiny will be a wonderful experience if that is what you are actually looking for. If living with your destiny does not excite you, then probably you were about to start something that was not your ultimate goal. And it is very much possible that you might end up with dissatisfaction. And how can you claim to be successful with dissatisfaction?

True “you can win”, true if you control your destiny, no one else will, true if you believe you will achieve, but what if you win to be a looser, what if you achieve to be a non achiever, what if you control just to loose it.

Will you call it a success?

I doubt it.

“To dream of the person you want to be is to waste the person you are – Unknown

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